Design Charette Dreaming

The Masters Program in Sustainable Design at Philadelphia University recently hosted a design charette for MAAG as we continue our building process.  During this charette , or collaborative workshop, we worked together both in small and large groups to design a sustainable building plan to not only turn MAAG into the thriving arts center we envision, but how to also create a carbon-neutral space.  During the creative and collaborative process we were free to dream up different ways of achieving these goals and our minds sure went wild! From a natural façade to solar panels on the roof to re-using rainwater—the possibilities were endless in the first no budget, no cares at all brainstorming session. After purging our heads of these infinite ideas, it was time to refine our ideas into things that we can actually achieve and afford.  All in all it was an eye-opening, mind-expanding session that started MAAG off on the right foot; connecting with the community to create our space!