MAAGs “Day In Court”…City Zoning Board Thumbs Up!

We’ve been celebrating all afternoon. With the help of our amazing MAAG team, community organizations, and neighbors working together, we cleared yet another hurdle with our eyes on the prize…a resource center for the arts in the northwest with studio space, gallery, workshops, and a place for artists to dream. Today we received unanimous approval from the City Zoning Board to construct 7 artist studios at our new home at 11 W. Mt. Airy Ave.  And yes, I was delighted to hear one board member say “Good project!”

Celebrating our win!

If you heard rumors about us applauding and yelling “Thank you!” to the Board, smiling till our faces felt like they’d burst,  and the entire room celebrating with us, they’re all true. Laughter, smiles, and celebration, it’s contagious and uplifting.

So, please bear with me for some special thanks.

To our MAAG extended family (everyone who crosses our doors becomes MAAG family):

  • To Bill Ewing who stepped up and offered us his expertise and time. Gotta love that Phillies cap!
  • To Morrie Zimmerman, our architect, who is just as big a dreamer as we are.
  • To the elected city officials, MALT, MACSC, and others who wrote letters of support.
  • To Liz Macoretta and the WMAN board.
  • To our neighbors who assisted and refined and partnered with us.
  • To our Board who pushes forward with an energy that truly astounds.
  • To every dreamer, every doer, every artist, every art lover who works with us in their own unique way, does what’s possible, and shares in our dreams.

So, next steps? You guessed right. We are launching our $100,000 Building Fund.

Consider donating generously to help us start by roughing in the plumbing and electrical fixtures, filling in the existing trenches in the concrete floor,  and making the building safe for occupants by installing a second exit through the rear masonry wall. Look to the Paypal button on this site. And remember, your donations are tax-deductible.

Share in the dreams. Remember, without YOU there is no US.