So Long Dear Friend—For Now

Sol, it’s strange, the way things happen. April 15 we finally got our long-awaited building permits. You can believe that was one of the hardest things we’ve done yet—the time, the cost, the partnerships, the zoning variances. And the very next day, you, Sol Levy, passed away on April 16. It’s as if you waited around to make sure we were all right.

That’s how it always was with you. You were Solomon Levy, Vice President and leader of MAAG. You met up with us at the very beginning…when MAAG was purely an idea. We were starting to create new partnerships…birthing an art market in the snowstorms of ’09… Weavers Way lending us our first helping hand. That was us, a group of professional artists and dreamers with a vision—you by our side, photographic equipment slung over your shoulders, ready to meet whatever came our way. Judy told us you said “It’s crazy, but I really think they can pull this off.” We haven’t forgotten. When doors were closed to us, you opened them. When we got stressed, you told us nothing worthwhile was ever easy. And you gave us support and sage advice. You were our mentor.

We knew you weren’t well, and tried to believe in our heart of hearts, you’d get better. You went through a lot and struggled for months. You said you didn’t want to read emails…you wanted to be AT the meeting. You followed all MAAG news with hunger and delight—I saw that smile on your face and the light in your eyes. You blew us away when you showed up at the Saturday night party during Funky February weekend. In you came, I remembered your dapper hat, with Judy by your side. We knew it wasn’t easy for you, but it was worth every second. And then we showered you in embraces.

Sol, we found out about your death yesterday. It really tore us up. But, that day, on April 16, we all agreed, you’re not getting away from us that quickly! No way.  We’re going to see this through together…all the way.

When the Mt Airy Art Garage construction is complete, our art gallery will be named the Solomon Levy Gallery of Art.


We love you Sol.

In memory of Sol Levy, the family requests that a donation be made to the Mt. Airy Art Garage, P.O. Box 18838, Philadelphia, PA 19119 or via this website.