It was a hell of a show…”Art Under The Stars”


You work so hard preparing for these events. And, at the same time, you realize how lucky you are to have some amazing people do amazing things. Because they believe. So, all our energies were focused on this event—and yes, MAAG artists and our community made it happen again.

First and foremost—did you have a good time? We know you did. We heard you “This was a great time!” or “There’s nothing better than artwork coming to you while you’re in a garden” or “It was great seeing neighbors and having a wonderful evening.” Tell me you didn’t dig the bands? How about the magician? C’mon, we dug Dave Smith swallowing fire and getting our guests to try to juggle (I heard Sue Z awed and amazed). By the way, who ate all the deli? The Herschels Deli platters dematerialized! As did the Grobens catfish nuggets! I know, next year, more cake.

For those who missed out, did you know you were going to see a live art installation? Melissa Maddoni Haims rocked the house with her yarn bombs. I think the first bidding war started with her work!

Truly, the talk of the evening was KD Mernin’s Red Dress. Almost a knock down dragout fight for that one. I saw bidders standing really close waiting for the final call. One bidder wanted to keep her bid sheet as a memento.

I have to say this year’s work was of the best quality I have seen yet. MAAG is growing, our member base is growing both in emerging and professional artists. Steve Berg, Nichols Berg Gallery, was the MAAG judge. He exposed artists to new opportunities, loved what he saw and gave helpful feedback. We couldn’t have done it without his support, generosity and technical assistance.

So, I do think that ALL our participating artists got value out of this show. And then, to round off what makes us really tick, our community came out to support us. We had neighbors play for us in the bands, provide food donations and gift certificates and support. The neighbors brought their friends, we saw old faces and new, young and old, we saw the diversity that makes us the Northwest, who we are at heart. And the artists threw a party—a beautiful night fit for all. Captured, as always, by Alix Passage. You truly are our MAAG photographer.

What you say, what about the money we raised for MAAG? We did well. It looks like double last year, maybe even $10,000. This will get us positioned and almost ready to start building out so we can open our doors!

So we’re moving forward, and getting more excited by the minute. We can feel it, we can taste it. When we open our doors—you’ll really know, this is just the beginning for the Mt. Airy Art Garage. You’ll be a believer too.