Help Develop the Theme for the Germantown Mural…Join Us Jan. 14 at the Artmaking Workshop

Photo by Steve Weinik

If you’ve been reading our blog, then you’re aware the MuralArts Program has begun the process for the Germantown mural at 310 W. Chelten Ave. We invite you to share your vision for this mural—whether you create a drawing, bring a photo, share some historical information, bring a sample of your artwork, or bring something special to share with MuralArts. What does Germantown mean to you? For me, I have a vision of the Germantown High School Stained Glass Project students being represented on the wall—their work, their photos, their victories. And I have a funny feeling they just may be there.

Our next community artmaking workshop will be this Saturday, Jan. 14, at 5534 Pulaski, from 10am – 2pm. No you don’t have to stay for four hours. Stop by, make your contribution, hang with your neighbors and artists. Please come, bring your families, your neighbors. For those of you who are teachers, bring your students. All ages—the only requirement is spirit and enthusiasm, no artistic experience required! Just art materials, tables to draw and create, and high energy.

Spread the word; don’t miss this opportunity to create something so very special.