Funky February Art Market…Call For Artists

Calling all artists! It’s time for Funky February. Remember last year’s popup on Carpenter Lane? Well this year we’re home—which means bigger and better. Look for the return of the Friday Night Artists’ Café (more coming soon) on Feb. 24, and a celebratory Art Market on Feb. 25 and 26.

Artists’ scoop—2 day show. Saturday, Feb. 25 from noon till 6 pm and Sunday, Feb. 26 from noon till 5 pm. Like what you hear? Download the application and send it in. It’s a time to show off and sell your winter work, meet other artists, and have a great time.

You know, our Art Market (like everything we do) is never just about selling and promoting; it’s not just about the lighting and space. It’s not just about meeting other artists, sharing skills and knowledge. It’s about, and always has been, building community. Barb Danin, one of our members puts it just right. She says “We bring the arts to the community and create a community for artists.” Join us at the Funky February Art Market.

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