Renewed Urban Studio Tent (RUST)…Innovative Design That Revitalizes Neighborhoods

If artists are to be relevant in today’s environmentally challenged world they have to acknowledge the world of refuse and abandonment in our community. Andy Walker and Andy Heisey have created a structure entitled Renewed Urban Studio Tent (RUST), which was built on the vacant lot (313 S. Broad Street) in Philadelphia. It was built from recycled materials such as old wood, glass bottles and much of the refuse that you find all around you. This was an actual artist studio which artists used to inspire them and create lively art. The purpose of this structure is to bring notice to the problems of urban renewal, pollution and abandoned housing.

Read on to hear from MAAG member artist, Andy Walker.

Hi Friends,

We hope you can attend our urban building project on the 313 S. Broad Street, right across from the Kimmel Center. This is a project that we are doing in association with the University of the Arts.

We are about to build our unique structure entitled the Renewed Urban Studio Tent (RUST). It will be created from recycled materials such as old wood and glass bottles. This structure will be an actual artist studio. There will be a show of work done in this structure at the Mt. Airy Art Garage in November. We are proud to announce the building dates, August 1-3rd, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and opening date of RUST, Friday, August 3rd, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We hope you bring small recyclables to the building dates and help us form the skin of the structure by placing the objects in slag cement.  On Friday, August 3rd at our opening please join us for food and drink as we celebrate our hard work.

This structure will help create awareness of such urban issues as pollution and abandoned houses. In November there will be a curated show of work done inside of RUST at The Mt. Airy Art Garage. This structure is to be recycled in this show at MAAG. The opening will be Saturday, November 10, 6 to 8pm. There will be a panel discussion on Sunday, November 11, 3 to 5pm on the topics of urban renewal, the role of artists in dealing with contemporary problems and how artists have already made positive changes in our world. We hope this discussion help bring out more artists interested in building our world and assisting in the changes that will be needed for the future.

On that same Sunday, November 11, we will be having a workshop, which will discuss the different ways you can recycle all different types of materials in your artwork. You can also use some of these strategies in decorating your home. We will be demonstrating how to reuse wood, old bottles and many other materials.  We also be discussing how to use photos and transfer them onto clay tiles. We hope you will join us for the workshop and later stay for the panel discussion.


Andy Walker & Andy Heisey

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