Collage, Quilting, Painting, Bookmaking, Hand Painting Silks, Acting, Photography, Creating Shrines and Altars….Oh My! Fall Classes Are Off To A Rousing Start!








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Single Session Courses

  • Adventures in Collage | Claudia McGill
    Thursday, October 11: 7 – 9:30 PM

Have you ever wanted to try collage but didn’t know where to begin? Here is your chance! We will learn about materials and tools, including papers and adhesives, and discuss collage techniques and inspirations. We’ll work on a small group project as a warm up, then dive into our own individual projects. You will leave feeling confident about working in collage on your own, and you will have a collage project started or maybe even finished. Bring a pair of scissors and any papers you might like to include in a collage.

Price: $32

  • Piecing the French Braid | Sarah Bond
    Saturday, October 13: noon – 4 PM

Students will learn to build the French Braid from “jelly rolls” or 2-½ inch strips of fabric. Instructor will provide students with a pattern and ideas for creating quilts, table toppers, and other items from their braided strips. This versatile building block can be used on its own or in combination with other quilt elements to create custom quilts.

Students can use a prepared jelly roll or bring their own pre-cut 2-½ inch strips. A twin to full size quilt will require approximately forty-eight 2-½ inch strips. Students should bring their sewing machine and basic supplies such as thread, extra needles, and scissors. Large cutting mats and cutting tables will be provided. Students can bring their own rotary cutter and mat if desired.

Price: $50

  • Shrines, Altars, and Memory Boxes | Ellen Benson
    Saturday, October 20: 1 – 4:30 PM
    Adults and children over 12

We’ll use altoid tins, cigar boxes, sardine cans, matchboxes, old frames, gift boxes, and more to create a visual reminder of what we are grateful for, and whom or what we love. Using our imagination and layers of paper, paint, buttons, broken jewelry, charms, figurines, doll parts, and found objects, our shrines will come alive!! Participants should bring scissors and (if you’d like) personal treasures such as copies of photos or letters, photos, digital artwork, sea glass, maps, keys, shells, or memorabilia.

Price: $40

  • Hand-Painted Fabulous Silks | Gloria Del Piano
    Sunday, October 21: 11 AM – 3 PM

We’ll review slides of hand-painted works and study the various techniques. Then the participants will choose a design, and learn how to build a frame, paint on silk, and steam the silk work. There will be ample painting time.

Price: $50

  • Paste Paper Intensive: A Day of Fun and Creativity  | Mary Elizabeth Nelson
    Saturday, October 27: 10 AM – 4 PM
    Adults and children over 16

Paste papers are created by painting colored paste on paper, and spreading it around to make interesting patterns. They are easy and fun to make! Like handwriting, paste papers reflect the character of the maker. Take the Introduction to Bookbinding class the next day, and use your papers to make books! Students are asked to bring an apron, rags, and latex gloves.

Price: $70 with a $25 materials fee; Combined fee with Introduction to Bookbinding: $125 + materials

  • Introduction to Bookbinding | Donna Globus
    Sunday, October 28: 10 AM – 4 PM
    Adults and children over 16

Students will learn the basics of folding and sewing simple book structures. Participants will work with bookbinding tools and techniques to create several small books, customized with your own prints, paper, or imagery! Take the Paste Paper class the day before, and use your papers for book covers and content.

Price: $70 with a $20 materials fee; Combined fee with Paste Papers: $125 + materials

  • Mining Your Stories | Barb Sherf
    Friday, November 2: 1 – 3 PM

Whether for personal or professional use, it is important to capture your stories and use them to inform, educate and entertain. In this workshop, you will be given a host of worksheets to mine your stories.

Price: $40

  • Marketing Basics: Telling Your Story | Andy Trackman
    Thursday, November 8: 7 – 9 PM

Many artists believe that their art should speak for itself. But if the public does not know your story and why your art is worth checking out, then you have missed an opportunity. Participants will learn how to use social media technology and the traditional press to publicize you and your next show, while still being true to yourself and your own personal story.

Price: $25

Multiple Session Courses

  • Acting & Performance Workshop | Susan Zipin
    Mondays; October 8 – November 12 (6 sessions):  6:30 – 8 PM

This workshop will culminate with a performance by the class of a series of monologues written by its students. Also, we will use art as a tool to enhance our theater/acting experience. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even become the MAAG Players!

Price: $120

  • Promoting Your Artwork | Janet Mason
    Tuesdays; October 16 – November 13 (5 sessions):  7:30 – 9:30 PM

Self-promotion is a way to spread the word about your artwork and to connect with others. This class will provide you with an overview of the tools that you can use to promote your artwork. We will cover identifying your desired audiences and venues, and developing an artist’s statement. The class will also cover how to obtain traditional (print, radio, and television/cable) media coverage, and will cover the basics of using social media, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube.

Price: $200

  • Drawing and Painting from Live Models | Arleen Olshan
    Thursdays; October 18, November 15 and 29, December 6 and 20 (total of 5 sessions; can register for individual sessions):  6:30 – 9 PM
    Adults/Young adults over 16 with signed parental consent

This is a monitored workshop for intermediate to advanced students. There will be no instruction during the sessions. Participants must bring their own supplies, including easels, if desired. Participants may use charcoal, pencil, pastels, ink, etc. Please note that models may be clothed and/or nude; privacy will be required.

Price: $10 per session

  • Photography: How to Shoot People, Places, and Things | Michael Albany
    Thursdays October 25 and November 1 – 6:30 to 9 PM

Saturday October 27 – 9:30 AM to noon (3 sessions)

Participants will learn how to create better images of people, places, and things. Attendees will learn the basics of capturing better portraits, how to make their landscapes and cityscapes more visually appealing, and how to photograph objects and items up close. During Class 2 (Places), students will take a short walk around the area, photographing locations on Germantown Avenue.

Price: $65

  • Ribbon Quilts: Fabric and Color Fusion | Sarah Bond
    Saturdays; November 3 – 10 (2 sessions):  noon – 4 PM
    Adults (Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Quilters)

Using solid fabrics as a starter, students will explore the power of strip piecing as a technique for experimentation with color gradations, size gradations, and alternations of solid fabrics with other fabrics. Students can use their own ideas or instructor’s “recipes” for fabric constructions. Those constructions will then be cut and assembled into quilt tops with an infinite range of pattern and variety. The title of the course refers to the ribbons of light and color that can be achieved with this technique.

Students should bring basic sewing supplies and their sewing machine in good working order. Students will need fabric in a variety of solids and patterns. Large cutting mats and cutting tables will be provided. Students can bring their own rotary cutter and mat if desired. Contact Sarah at for a complete materials list.

Price: $80

About Our Teachers

Michael Albany is an award-winning photographer based in Mt. Airy. With 40 years behind the camera and ten as a professional, he enjoys sharing the wonders of photography with all those who share his passion. His experience teaching adults the basics of computers gives him a unique ability to teach from the view of a photographer, but with the patience and detail of a computer specialist. Visit his website at

Ellen Benson is a member of Philadelphia’s Dumpster Divers, a group of artists which focuses on reclaiming cast-off pieces of the world around us to make art, as well as to make use of things headed for the trash stream. To Ellen, art materials are everywhere! She is moving toward a goal of creating 1,000 figures and is up to about 500. See Ellen’s work at and in the recently released book, FOUND OBJECT ART 2 by Schiffer Press.

Sarah Bond is an expert quilter and has been quilting for over twenty years. She teaches at many art centers in the Philadelphia region and is particularly interested in the place of quilts in culture and family history.

Gloria Del Piano started her first Collection in 1985 with oversized hand-painted silk scarves, often bought and used as wall hangings and/or Chuppahs in Jewish weddings. The silk was imported from Italy—fabulous jacquard, supple colors, wild animals, mysterious flowers and hand-rolled edges. As her line evolved, she added elegant evening wraps, silk scarves, silk handkerchiefs and evening bags. The first store to love and carry Gloria’s Collection was Nan Duskin. This led to Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Takashimaya, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Henry Bendel, and more. Gloria has now created a line of handmade jewelry with pearls and semi-precious stones as well as evening wraps and scarves and scarves.

Donna Globus is a book artist and printmaker, as well as an architect and construction manager. While the latter is her day job, the former is her passion. She teaches in the Continuing Education program at the University of the Arts and is also a founding Board member of the Mt. Airy Art Garage.

Janet Mason is a marketing and publicity consultant and a creative writing teacher. She is the author of “Tea Leaves, a Memoir of Mothers and Daughters.” Articles about Janet have been featured in many Philadelphia newspapers. She has also been interviewed widely on radio programs from New England to Australia. A blogger for “The Huffington Post,” Janet is a firm believer in self-promotion and is passionate about sharing her skills. Check out her website at

Claudia McGill is a mixed media and clay artist whose motto is “Give it a try and see what happens!” She has exhibited her work in local and regional shows for the past 15 years. Her collage/mixed media classes are offered in a variety of topics and her goal is to encourage each student’s individual development. You can visit her at

Mary Elizabeth Nelson is a lettering and book artist with a background in fine art. She is an active member of the Philadelphia Calligraphers’ Society and has held every position on its Board. She teaches paper and book arts classes at Fleisher Art Memorial, the Wayne Art Center, The Delaware Art Museum, and in her Downingtown, PA, studio. Find her at

Arleen Olshan, cofounder and treasurer of the Mt. Airy Art Garage, has been drawing and painting from her childhood at Fleisher Art Memorial to completing her BFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Philadelphia College of Art (now U Arts). She is also a master leathercrafter. She has shown, taught, and sold her work throughout Philadelphia especially in the Northwest section of the city. You can find out more by visiting

Barb Sherf is a communications consultant, author, and professional speaker. She builds on her background as an award-winning print and broadcast journalist delivering communication consulting to an array of clients. A former spokesperson for the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Barbara founded CommunicationsPro in 1996. She has written several books, including the recent “Build Your Winning Team…One Bite at a Time.”

Andy Trackman has over 20 years of corporate business experience in customer service, field marketing, and e-marketing. A graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater, Andy has been involved in arts/culture and community development, and his experience includes writing email and social media campaigns, organizing and executing events, and creating strategic communications and marketing plans.

Sue Zipin is a New York City native and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has a Masters degree in Theater and Literature from Temple University and has worked in theater in Philadelphia as an actor, director and teacher, having spent several years working with new playwrights and directing their plays in workshop productions.


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