MAAG Jazz Jam… Wed., December 12


Our MAAG Jazz Jam started in November, and it was all that and more – 5 guitar players, 2 drummers, sax, keyboards, and 2 of the best vocalists ever! Yes, we were finger poppin’ and having a great time. Led by Tank Kitt and the  Passage Jazz Band. Yes, and we are proud to have them as the MAAG house band.

So we’re doing it again. Monthly, in fact. With food. You can byo.

It’s casual. If you’re a musician, bring your “axe.” We’ve even got a piano and a drum setup. You could end up having a great time. We did!

If you’re a jazz lover, bring yourself and your friends. And your love of good jazz. $5 for musicians (good food) and $10 for jazz lovers. Wed. Dec 12 from 6-9 pm at 11 W. Mt Airy Ave. (That’s the second Wed. of every month.)

Let’s see what happens! At MAAG,  anything is possible.

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