Call For Member Artists—Opening Exhibition For “Faces, Families, And Relationships In Our Communities”

Copyright Christiane Meunier

Copyright Christiane Meunier


The Mt. Airy Art Garage welcomes all our member artists to submit your work to the first show of the 2013 season titled:

The Faces/Families/Relationships of Our Neighborhoods:

A Legacy of Diversity and Harmony

 The Northwest section of Philadelphia is notorious for being diverse in all facets of family & community life: young, old, single, coupled, Black, Caucasian, Latino, Asian, LGBTQ, heterosexual, single parent homes, dual parent homes, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Quaker, Buddhist, and so many more categories, but always creative and an exciting place to live.

We encourage submissions that describe: 

  1. Who is your family?
  2. Show us the faces of your family.
  3. How does your family relate?

What to Submit:

  • All mediums will be accepted.
  • Submit up to 2 pieces per artist.
  • Fee $5 per submission per piece.

All work must be delivered on Sat., February 16, Noon to 6 pm or on Sun., February 17,  Noon to 5 pm.

To submit your application, click here.







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