Post and Holiday Art Markets, Call For Artists



POST and Holiday Markets

Philadelphia Open Studio Tour (POST) @ MAAG

Open to MAAG Members Only

Holiday Art Markets

Open to All Artists

As we gear up for a dynamic fall/holiday season we’re thinking up new and exciting ways to have your juried work sold at MAAG! This is your chance to sign up from October through December, one month or more, at great table prices, and a wonderful, heated indoor artist’s community space. Some opportunities are for MAAG members only, others are open to all artists. So please read on! And if you’re not a member yet, this could be a great time to join right here.


Ceramic tile by Karen Singer

All artists are invited to submit your work for sale at our Holiday Shows. The shows will be held Nov. 16 & 17 (Chanukah Show) and Dec. 14 & 15 (Kwanzaa/Holidays). The cost for each weekend table is $100 for two days. For information and the artists’ application, please click HERE.


Jewelry by the Brown Family

Special for MAAG members only! Have you been hoping to display a wall or a case of your work in the Solomon Levy Gallery at MAAG? This season is your time!

We are offering ½ walls and cases for up to 50 artists to show and promote your work. There will be a 30% commission for work sold during regular Gallery hours each month. Any member artists displaying their work on the walls (tall cases do not apply) may also participate at that month’s art market at no additional charge. The artists retain 100% of their sales when selling during the art markets.

sized Claudia McGill

Clay and collage by Claudia McGill

  1. POST: Friday, October 19-20. For wall/case renters delivery Monday, September 30 from 4-8 pm.
  2.  Holiday Art Market: Friday, November 16 – 17. For wall/case renters delivery October 26 & 27, noon till 5 pm.
  3. Holiday Art Market: Friday, December 14 – 15. For wall/case renters delivery November 23, noon till 6 pm.
Fused glass by Shernise Alen

Fused glass by Shernise Alen

Download your application HERE.



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