“Art of the Quilt” Show Embraces A World Of Possibilities

Art of the Quilt: Unfolding Our Stories, February 28 – April 25, 2014, Solomon Levy Gallery

Thoughts from Sarah Bond, Master Quilter/Teacher/ Co-Curator of “Art of the Quilt: Unfolding Our Stories”

Meunier Christiane Out of the Box $1200.00

(c) Christiane Meuniere “Out of the Box”

The Art of the Quilt is the bringing together of all those quilts and quilters. It is our chance to share the vision and creativity expressed in each one. I love being a teacher of quilting for numerous reasons. It keeps me quilting. It creates new quilters for me to interact with. But I think the best thing is when someone shares a quilt and I look at it and think, “I never would have done that. I never would have thought of that. I never would have put those colors together. I can’t wait to do that.”

full house in backThis show is for the quilters so we can marvel at the art in all these quilts. And this show is for everyone else so they can be as amazed as the rest of us are at the beauty of these objects that become material parts of our lives.

women and quilt

Quilt by Sarah Bond


In the Solomon Levy Gallery through April 25. Hours: Wed. & Fri. Noon – 7 pm, Thurs. & Sat. Noon – 6 pm, Sunday Noon – 5 pm.

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