Comic Book Class? You Bet! All You Need Is Enthusiasm!


6 session class starting Wed., June 11 at 6:30 pm

We’ve been getting inquires about Ellen Marcus’s upcoming class, and we wanted to share some of Ellen’s thoughts. So read on and join us!

Question: I am not a painter/illustrator. I am creating characters and writing it up. I have a composite pic of my character but I was going to use a friend to do my drawing. Would this class work on storyboards? Is it worth it for a person who cannot draw?

Ellen responds: Comic books and graphic novels relate very much to storyboarding, and there’s absolutely no need to know how to draw for this class. The first class will cover story structure and the following 2 weeks will be spent focusing on bringing “stick figures” (or rough sketches) and your words together to form a story. The other 3 weeks will be spent on “fleshing out” your characters with some inking/character design exercises, but it’s up to you how much you want to do that. You are more than welcome to spend more time on story structure and character composition. I expect some participants will want to spend more time on one thing over another and I’ll be there to give as much guidance as I have to offer for the needs of everyone. The end goal will be to glue your organized “panels” on paper and bind them together in a physical book format.  We’ll be working primarily with physical materials (paper, rulers, pencils), though, I do plan on giving a brief demo with Manga Studio on my laptop. I’ll have a few things pre-printed and prepared for your use (like story board sheets/note cards/basic character design sheets), but you’re more than welcome to draft your own if you need to.

If you’ve been thinking about attending, we hope this whets your whistle a bit and you’ll join us.


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