Make Art Grow Food Mural Comes To Life!

Make Art Grow Food Mural

Oh yes! The kids from Houston School, elders from Homelink, and MAAG teacher artists have been busy making murals and growing urban gardens. There’s so much happening here…we jus have to show you how much fun we’re having and the amazing artwork we’re all creating. Who knows? Just maybe, you’ll join us and volunteer to make this amazing project even better! We’re full steam ahead into September.

So, please indulge us as we share our ongoing joy in this project.

It starts with an idea. Urban gardens, food, vegetables, nature, animals, nutrition, and, of course, a big helping of creativity and love. Then everyone starts to do their artwork. Daisy Juarez and Arleen Olshan take those ideas and help incorporate them into a mural. Daisy does the layout and design of the mural, while everyone’s artwork gets added to the mix.


Then begins the mural painting, and everyone gets to work. Sometimes the kids come to MAAG every day to make the most of their time before school’s out!





And, lo and behold, the mural starts to come alive. The kids are jumping up and down as they see their birds, and caterpillars, and faces, and… The elders smile—they love their mural hands, shaped in a heart, leaves of the tree, embracing all, especially the children.


2015-06-24 12.36.57

The urban garden? Thriving!

From this…


To this….

With Nettie Scott, MAAG garden and nutrition teacher, at the helm…



To this…




To this…

garden volunteer

BUT WAIT! We’re not done. We’re tending to the garden, watering, weeding, and nurturing so that Earth, Bread, and Brewery will have a luscious crop from which to cook their meal in September for all the participants to enjoy. Thank you Peggy Zwerver!

We’re also finishing off the mural, filling it in, making it even richer. And we need your help! It really is great fun when you’re painting with a group of 5-6 folks. You don’t have to be an artist. Just have a steady hand.

So, reach out to us at or call 215.242.5074. We need your help. We pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks again to our sponsors. We could have never done it without you. Stay tuned for updates on Make Art, Grow Food.


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