WE Are MAAG! A Celebration Of MAAG Member Artists & A New Era!

Opening Reception, Friday, July 1, 6 – 9 pm.

Exhibition runs July 1 – August 21. Free admission.





Gaga Fish by Ellen Marcus


(c) Kathy Robinson

We’ve turned lemons into lemonade! An owner’s notice to vacate from a property we built with community support, has turned what could have been our final dirge into a celebration of our future.

It’s our last exhibition in this current location, and the artwork is pouring into the gallery — photography, painting, drawing, watercolor, fiber & textile, sculpture, you name it! It’s our way of toasting all of the wonderful artists who have made MAAG what it is today and what it will become tomorrow. Our intention is to fill all of MAAG, (yes all of it!) with glorious artwork as we prepare ourselves for popups and our new retail space at 6622 Germantown Ave.

The list of participating artists keeps growing — sculpture, pottery, fiber, painting, watercolors, photography, collage, and more. Artists include:

Sara Allen, Sherman Aronson, Kevin Bennett, Denise Benrahou, Ellen Benson, Nathalie Borozny, Bill Brookover, Frank Burd, Nick Corso, Rob Cox, Kenneth Crimaldi, Taddy Dawson, Evvy Edinburg, Robert Finch, Carlos Gil, Lisa Haun, Shari Johnson, Daisy Langston Juarez, Judith Levy, Sol Levy, Donald Leong, Ellen Marcus, Katherine Moore, Phoebe Murer, Lee Muslin, Arleen Olshan, Emma Olshan, Kathy Robinson, Gloria Rohlfs, Edward Sargent, Ruth Seeley, Ellie Seif, Patricia Cousins Smith, Vita Tew, Nicki Toizer, Andrew Walker, Karoline Wallace, Lawrence West, Janine Zaikowski, Michael Zaikowski, and others.

Sherman Aronson BridgeTowerInk

Bridge Tower, ink, by Sherman Aronson

Evvy Edinburg

Textiles by Evvy Edinburg

Join us, celebrate with us. Immerse yourself in the most glorious art. This is a show you won’t want to miss. 



Awaiting by Carlos Gil


(c) Ellie Seif

Hawkshead Show Ruth Seeley

Hawks head Show, watercolor by Ruth Seeley

e.olshan canyon oil

Canyon, oil, by Emma Olshan


Photography by Kevin Bennett

Vita Tew

Abstraction by Vita Tew