MAAG Silent Auction Is Ready & Waiting For You!

diptych by Sara Steele

(c) Sara Steele

Our 4th Annual Silent Auction is almost here. That’s right… Sat., September 21, 6 pm at 11 West Mt Airy Ave. And here’s what you’ll need to bring:

Your love for original fine art and handcraft!

50 local MAAG member artists have donated their work to support the Mt. Airy Art Garage. Feast your eyes on just some of the work you’ll have a chance to bid on… HERE.

Your love for the arts!

Museum memberships, musical instruments and recordings, art classes by reknowned local artists…all for a good cause.

Your love for a great meal at your favorite restaurant!

Yes, it’s true. Gift certificates galore!

Your love for live music and the performing arts!

bowl by Jeff Kohr

bowl by Jeff Kohr

Live music featuring Andy Trackman on piano with Gaille Hunter on vocals. Then we’re going to change it up with some klezmer by Objective Perspectives and friends. Get ready to kick it!

Quilt by Christiane Meunier

Quilt by Christiane Meunier

Your love for good food and drink!

With food ranging from Herschel’s East Side Deli to local specialties, cakes, delights and drinks…you’ll be feasting.

Your love for community, the arts,  and supporting MAAG.

 What better than an evening of art and  music combined with camaraderie, good food and drink, and community…all for a good cause.

Tickets $30 if you buy now. $35 at the door. 

4th Annual Silent Auction

Buy your tickets now. It’s going to be quite an event!


With special thanks to our community sponsor:

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4th Annual MAAGart Silent Auction!

Photography by Ellie Seif

(c) Ellie Seif

Mark your calendars for the Mt. Airy Art Garage’s 4th Annual Silent Auction. Back and better than ever, we’re going to immerse ourselves in an evening filled with music and art on Saturday, September 21st from 6-10 pm at 11 W. Mt. Airy Avenue.

This year’s Silent Auction will showcase the diversity of MAAG member talent from visual to performing arts. The Solomon Levy Gallery will highlight both 2 and 3-dimensional work including painting, photography, sculpture, mosaic, encaustic, clay, jewelry, fiber, woodwork, found objects, and more. Live music will feature MAAG member musicians Andy Trackman, Dave Kutzik, and a host of other performers bringing both jazz and maybe even some klezmer to the evening!

In addition to an array of artwork, the Silent Auction will also feature gift certificates as well as services and classes by artists, experts in their disciplines. Each year, the auction expands its array of fine art and handcrafts and attracts an even more incredible crowd of artists and art-lovers. This year’s no exception. 

Before the Auction begins, you are all are welcome and encouraged to preview the artwork. While you “Sip, Savor, and Stroll” at the Street Fare,  Thursday, September 19th from 6-10 pm, be sure to stop by MAAG for a special, free sneak peek!

Clay Figurines

Claudia McGill Clay Figurines

So, join MAAG on Saturday, September 21st, for a most fabulous evening of friends, fun, and incredible visual and performing art. Plus, with live music as well as catered food and drink from local and citywide restaurants, who can resist art for such a good cause?

2013 has been a banner year for the Mt. Airy Art Garage. 2014 boasts even more amazing things to come—a city-wide Quilt Show, a Film Series featuring local filmmakers, ongoing exhibitions, live music, and much more. And it’s your support that makes MAAG a showcase for the arts in Northwest Philadelphia and keeps us going. All proceeds from this very special event will benefit the Mt. Airy Art Garage.

Recycled necklace by Ellen Benson

Recycled necklace by Ellen Benson

Silent Auction tickets are $30 in advance (buy now and save) and $35 at the door.

For more information, call 215.242.5074 or buy your tickets now.

painting by Doris Grey

(c) Doris Grey

Call For Artists! Time To Shine!

Michael Albany Photography

Pamela & Rufus – Michael Albany Photography

On September 21, 2013, the Solomon Levy Gallery will highlight both 2- and 3-dimensional work– your work! There’ll be live jazz featuring MAAG member artists playing jazz and even some klezmer. It’s going to be quite a night! It’s the  MAAG 4th Annual Silent Auction – an evening that will shine with the diversity of MAAG member talent!

We need your help to make it a success and are asking you, MAAG member artists, for a special piece of your artwork. (MAAG art lovers read on.) We promise to promote you (and you know we’re really good at that), appreciate your work, and turn this into an opportunity. All member work will be juried. We also welcome a donation of your talent – services or classes you may offer.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • MAAG publicity. YOUR artwork may be used in both MAAG printed and digital media. So please send a jpeg of the work you are donating (1,000 pixels on the longest side).
  • Display on our Web site. All Silent Auction artwork will be displayed on the MAAG web site (you must submit your jpeg) along with artist statements (please send no more than 250 words, feel free to add your contact information).
  • Exhibit in our Gallery. Please send us a one page bio that we may share with our art lovers. In addition to the September 21 event, your work will be previewed in our Gallery during Mt. Airy USA’s Street Fare, which is expected to be attended by thousands people who come to “sip, savor and stroll” the Mt. Airy scene.

Artists, here’s what we need from you (no later than Sept. 7):

  • One jpeg of your work sent to 
  • No more than 250 words telling your story for our website to
  • One page bio that we’ll share with the patron purchasing your work to
  • Drop off  your work Sat., Sept. 7 from noon till 6 pm or  Sun., Sept 8, from noon till 5 pm at MAAG.

Supporters/Family Members/Art Lovers:

  1. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS right now and for the evening event! Please contact or 215-242-5074 to see how you can be a part of this stellar event.
  2. Help us to bring in donations. Ask the businesses you patronize to consider donating a gift certificate of their services.

All proceeds from this evening will go to supporting MAAG programs. 2013 has been a banner year for the Mt. Airy Art Garage, and 2014 boasts even more amazing things to come — a city-wide Quilt Show, a Film Series featuring local filmmakers, ongoing exhibitions, live music, community partnerships and much more. And it’s your support that makes MAAG a showcase for the arts in Northwest Philadelphia.

SO, pick something wonderful that you have created. It’s going to represent you to a whole lot of Philadelphia. Both 2 and 3D work, fine art and handcrafts are welcome. Please be aware most patrons spend no more than $300 for artwork at these events.

For more information on donating artwork, services or classes, contact or 215-242-5074. DEADLINE is September 7. 



MAAG Rain Barrel Project Unveiled At The EPA!

(Left to right)<br />Top Row: Ms. Hunter (Henry), Cristin Harrington (teacher, Henry), Linda Slodki, Shawn M. Garvin, EPA, Regional Administrator, Region III, Daniel Brewer (SCHA)<br />Middle Row: N'Aaliyah McIntyre, Elizabeth Brown<br />Front: Alison Weiss (SCHA)

(Left to right)
Top Row: Ms. Hunter (Henry), Cristin Harrington (teacher, Henry), Linda Slodki, Shawn M. Garvin, EPA, Regional Administrator, Region III, Daniel Brewer (SCHA)
Middle Row: N’Aaliyah McIntyre, Elizabeth Brown
Front: Alison Weiss (SCHA)

The Art & Science of Rain Barrels, an exhibit at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) running July 8 through Sept. 20, 2013 features handpainted rain barrels from the Mt. Airy Art Garage Rain Barrel Project. Actually, it highlights the work of our participating artists from CW Henry, PA School for the Deaf, and Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Other Rain Barrel artists included elders from Homelink and the Germantown High School Stained Glass Project. Our entire group ranged in age from 10-85, each group painting two barrels.

Our artists were honored to be partnering with the EPA, the Water Department, and the Energy Coordinating Agency. At the July 9th press conference, Alison Weiss, senior from Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, was a featured speaker along with Linda Slodki, cofounder of MAAG.

Over 50 participants celebrated the City of Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters plan by educating the public about storm water issues and the ways people can help reduce runoff.  This exhibit will also help promote the message that small actions in storm water management can make a big difference. And for MAAGs Rain Barrel Project, we celebrate artists bringing children and elders together to paint rain barrels, build community and use art to create a sustainable future. Now, we are honored to have these barrels celebrated at the EPA.

Alison Weiss, SCHA

Alison Weiss, SCHA

After September 20 these barrels will return to the participating schools to be attached to downspouts and used for rain gardens and other green projects. Seven more rain barrels are already spread throughout Mt. Airy and Germantown (adding to the already existing 15 barrels from a prior MAAG project). In fact, you’ll find one at Lovett Library! Let’s toast to more rain barrels throughout the Northwest to enhance our community, for all to enjoy.

PA School for the Deaf Rain Barrel

PA School for the Deaf

Citywide Selection of Artists in “Summer Show Off” Exhibit

(c) Daisy Juarez

(c) Daisy Juarez

Are you looking for a way to beat the heat this season? If so, MAAG has the perfect solution to overcome those dog days of summer: A trip to our air-conditioned gallery to view our city-wide selection of artists in our new “Summer Show Off” exhibit. 

As MAAG’s first open-community exhibition, “Summer Show Off” will feature both member and non-member work in an incredible breadth of mediums, ranging from painting, photography, sculpture, mosaic, encaustic, clay, jewelry, fiber, wood, found objects, and more.

So, don’t spend those summer days sweltering. Instead, come to MAAG and indulge your creativity! What do you have to lose except boredom?

(c) Nicki Toizer

(c) Nicki Toizer

MAAG’s “Summer Show Off” opens on Friday, June 28th with an opening potluck reception from 6-8 pm and continues until Friday, August 30th, with a closing reception. Regular hours are: Thursday-Saturday, Noon-6 pm and Sunday, Noon-5 pm. 

For further information, visit or call 215.242.5074. 

(c) Patricia Smith

(c) Patricia Smith

But to satiate your appetite now, just check out some of the work that’s been pouring in…

painting by Elizabeth Castiglione

(c) Elizabeth Castiglione


Love, Twelve…Art, Community, Survival, and Pride

The Love, Twelve Pin-Up calendar project, featuring young adult women surviving cancer, will partner with the Mt. Airy Art Garage to feature four local Philadelphia breast cancer survivors  for their 2014 pin-up calendar.

Photo Tracy Birdsell

Photo Tracy Birdsell

When you least expect it here at MAAG, another door opens… We are honored to share our space with artists and women in both the  local and national cancer communities.  Love Twelve is doing their local photo shoot and setting up house here at MAAG July 8-12.

Love Twelve is an on-going volunteer initiative using the photographic arts to raise confidence and provide more age-appropriate resources for young adult cancer survivors.  Love Twelve is about the healing power of art, knowledge, friendship, community, self esteem, and positivity.

So when Los Angeles-based photographer Tracy Birdsell reached out to Linda Slodki about her mission to inspire women to live without fear and live a fully expressed life after cancer, through art and community, this partnership made absolute sense to them both.  Birdsell said, “I do this by photographing women who are surviving cancer in vintage-inspired pin-up and produce an annual calendar. I’m a survivor myself and I believe that cancer can’t take away our value, our femininity, or our power as women.”

Linda saw this as a perfect partnership. “MAAG is a resource center of creativity for artists, art lovers, and all those who seek to bring an eco-friendly and artistic sensibility to their lives. At the foundation of all we do, is community. Art and community. Offering our space to make this photo project a reality in Philadelphia just makes sense.”

Inspired by her personal brush with breast cancer when she was 29, Tracy Birdsell underwent lumpectomy surgery on her left breast for a tumor. Birdsell decided to put her talents as a photographer to use after experiencing first hand the limited resources available specifically to cancer survivors her age. “I felt really alone. You’re not a child and you’re not an adult who has already had a career and a family. It surprises people who see so much media attention given to cancer when you explain how your unique needs are not represented in that,” said Birdsell.  “I wanted to create something that was beautiful, reminded me that I was still strong and sexy, and that I wasn’t alone. A calendar is a perfect metaphor for this. It’s all about each day, each week, each month – fill the squares in with the events of your life and go live!”

Birdsell is also creating the Love Twelve Internet site as a compliment to the calendar to serve as a unique resource for those afflicted by all types of cancer: patient and loved ones alike. “Most support groups rightfully focus on the internal wellness of the patient, but cancer also has many negative fallout effects on a woman’s body,” said Birdsell.  “I know from personal experience that it’s hard to feel healthy and confident when you don’t feel that your appearance follows suit. We’re building the Love, Twelve calendar and website to provide a much needed boost to how young adult women feel about themselves on both the outside and the inside.”

 – MORE –

Each of the models featured in the calendar are posing in a way that represents some aspect of their life. Whether imagining how they are going to reinvent themselves in their “new normal” after cancer, or how they are going to pursue a long-held dream, all scenarios reflect something they feel is empowering, inspiring and life-affirming on a personal level. This year’s theme is film noir, a genre that embraces the darkness and shadows in life instead of running from it. Photographer Tracy Birdsell is excited to add the signature humor, fun and sexiness that is at the heart of Love, Twelve to this theme and show how “courage is the new black.”

For more information visit



Jazz Jam…That’s What Change Is All About

Generic Jazz Jam Flyer

Hey jazz fans, we’re  going through some changes in our ensemble. So while that happens, you’ll probably experience certain changes in our music and personnel. But that’s what change is all about. And I know how to deal with change. So make sure you plan on attending our next jazz jam on Wednesday, July 10th. We will not disappoint!

This past month our guest pianist graced us with some sounds for the evening along with congas, djembe and the strong bass sound of Charles Witherspoon. The night started slow.  As the evening grew,  so did the music. With the horns arriving it was off to the races. We had two young musicians in the audience seeing live music for the first time, something that I definitely promote. I even got a chance to meet them (what a charge). They were excited.

During the course of the night I couldn’t help but think about the next session and what it will consist of. So in saying that, I want all of my fellow musicians,  jazz fans, and listeners to stay tuned. The best is yet to come. Only one thing troubles me though…I haven’t seen your face in the place.                                        





Summer Show Off! Open Call To ALL Artists!


Click to Enlarge

The Mt. Airy Art Garage (MAAG) is opening up our Solomon Levy Gallery to all artists throughout the Philadelphia area for our Summer Show Off.  And we want to feature your work—whether you’re a MAAG member or not. We’ve had so many artists asking to show in our gallery…this is your opportunity to be seen. 

All media will be considered, both 2 and 3 Dimensional—no larger than 4’ x 4’.

Submissions will be accepted on Saturday, June 15, from 12 – 6 PM, and Sunday, June 16, from 12 – 5 PM. All work will be juried. We also ask that you submit jpegs of  your work to (up to two submissions per artist).  If you are accepted, we will use them for MAAG marketing purposes.  The Summer Show Off will open on June 28 and close Sept. 6.

You can download your application HERE or call 215-242-5074. You can also pick up an application at the Mt. Airy Art Garage, 11 W. Mt. Airy Avenue, during our regular hours Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 6 PM and Sunday, 12 – 5 PM.

Join us for a hot summer of great art as we celebrate our Summer Show Off!


Show Us Your Pride at MAAG’s June Pride Dance!

Pride Dance Flyer

June — A time of summer sun, backyard barbeques, and get-away vacations. A time to kick-back, throw your feet up, and relax. More importantly, though, June is a time to celebrate!

So, in that same spirit of riotous celebration, the Mt. Airy Art Garage will celebrate the LGBTQA community and host its annual June Pride Dance on Sunday, June 9th from 5-8 PM. Admission is $10 at the door at 11 West Mt. Airy Avenue, and ALL are welcome! After all, diversity just wouldn’t be the same without all your fabulous faces.

With food, drink, and more importantly DJ Lady Di spinnin’ oldies and all your favorites, you won’t want to miss out. Plus, there’s even rumors of a few special guests. But, we can’t give it all away now, can we? We’ve got to be just a lil’ coy. 

So, stay tuned for updates as we have some surprises up our sleeves. Until then, rally your friends and be sure to come on out and show us your pride on June 9th. 

For more information, feel free to stop back here on our blog or check us out on Facebook or Twitter.




Jazz Jam…This Might Be The Start Of Something Big!

Jazz Jam groupSo we thought, what better way to tell you how our monthly Jazz Jam’s are going (next one is Wed., June 12) then to hear from our MAAG jazz musicians! This one’s from Dave Kutzik (aka Dave the Klezmer guy!)

Take it away…Dave!

Jazz Jam groupAs you know I’m a member of MAAG and a regular participant of the monthly Jazz Jam. 

I was very much encouraged by the last jam session held this past Wednesday May 8th.   This was the second session of the new format which features a guest artist in addition to the house band and other musician participants.  Based on what I saw and heard last Wednesday, it seems that the level of both performance and the musicians attracted to the session were on a much higher level. 

Jazz Jam friendsThe performance compared favorably with what one would expect at the best jazz venues in and around Philadelphia.  Talking to fellow musician participants, the jam session is of sufficient quality to become a real attractor for the kind of high level artistic interaction we have been hoping for.  Speaking with non-musician audience members from the neighborhood it was clear that they felt the experience was well worth the small price of admission and that the venue was truly excellent in its warmth and informality.  In the opinion of the featured guest artist in conversation with another musician, this was the kind of session that musicians can come to in order to “think” as opposed to the kind of automatic playing one does at a standard gig.  This is exactly the kind of comment you want to hear from a musician.

Jazz JamSo, fingers crossed: if these sessions continue to move in the same direction and continue to gather momentum you might well have, in words of Steve Allen’s most famous jazz standard, This Might be the Start of Something Big.

Jazz Jam guitaristBravo and kudos to you and Arleen and Tank and his houseband mate, Richard.

Dave Kutzik