End of Summer Dance Party Blowout!


Sunday, August 24, 5-9 pm

Coming back from the Shore and want to shake it up? Staying in town and ready to party a little before summer’s end? Missing DJ Sandy Stabler who always spun at Sisters? Well, she’s ready to rock the house out and everyone in it! Lights down low, tables set and ready. So let’s party and shake it up! It’s a perfect cap to a weekend of summer fun.

Bring your honey, bring your friends, make new ones—it’s all good! Because we want to celebrate with YOU! Put on your high tops, your high heels, your dancing shoes. Just dance your heart out.

So, get ready to celebrate the end of the summer with us on Sunday, August 24 from 5-9 pm at 11 West Mt. Airy Avenue (19119). $10 at the door. Everyone is welcome!

For further information, visit www.mtairyartgarage.org or call 215.242.5074.



Add the Sweetness of The Summer Salon To Quench Your Thirst

Show opens Friday, July 18. Closing reception Friday, August 29, 6 pm.

On July 18, the Mt. Airy Art Garage will host its newest Summer Salon exhibition showcasing a body of work by eight local Northwest MAAG artists. Artists, ranging from emerging newcomers to award-winning professionals, display a wide variety of mediums and color, all of which are deeply personal. From abstract paintings bursting with color, to landscape photography on handmade paper, to serenely beautiful drawings of the human body, to collage that is both historical and spiritual, to geometric mandalas, there is something to delight everyone. The variety and quality of work is exemplary and continues to show that creativity abounds in Northwest Philadelphia.



Images on handmade paper (c) Nathalie Borozny


The artists on exhibit are Natalie Borozny, Bill Brookover, Colette Katz, Joyce Klinefelter, Michele Martung, Lee Muslin, Patricia Smith, and Kenneth Weiner.

The show opens Friday, July 18. We’ll be celebrating the exhibition and artists at a Closing Reception on Finally Friday, August 29th, at 6 pm. Admission is free and open to the entire family.

The Solomon Levy Gallery of the Mt. Airy Art Garage is open Wednesday & Friday from 12 – 6 PM, Thursday & Saturday 12 – 6 PM and Sunday 12 – 5 PM at 11 West Mt. Airy Ave. (19119).



Photography (c) Patricia Smith


Printmaking (c) Bill Brookover

Come back through the summer. Beat the heat. Bring your family. Share the vision. Feed your soul with art.

For more information visit www.mtairyartgarage.org or call 215.242.5074.

An August Summer Night of Poetry and Lemonade

August Open Mic Sat., Aug. 2, 7 pm

And now a few words from Jen Hemenway, cohost of the Poetry Slam

Back in April the Mt. Airy Art Garage hosted it’s first poetry slam. The event went so well, we were ready to keep it going. We liked watching it grow in poet participation, with both published and emerging artists turning out their work. The audience members? They come, perhaps stuck in a writer’s block, and become inspired. Or they come to find the eclectic hub of Northwest artists— where networking and socializing thrive under one roof.



Katrina Smith


We’re taking a break in July but MAAG is coming back in August with a warmup, getting ready to bust loose in the Fall.  We’ll be hosting an Open Mic event Saturday, August 2, at 7 pm. Extra added bonus! We’ll be trying something new…background jazz featuring the D&B combo with Tank Keitt on drums and Charles Witherspoon on bass. We expect that it will be an awesome evening of writers, artists, and folks looking for a nice spot to chill and relax on a fine summer Saturday night. August will be the time to try out new work and share written thoughts in a relaxed atmosphere while we get ready for Fall.

The event will be hosted by Mary Ann Domanska (poet and actor), April Lynn James (sonneteer and poet), and Jen Hemenway (cartoonist/painter and poet)…all MAAG members. We expect to bring high energy, laughter, and talent to the table.

We hope that artists and poets will escape the walls and confines of their homes and come to this event at the Mt. Airy Art Garage and be inspired to create, share and explore. This event will be an open mic. So come one, come all and share your poetry talents on stage with other fellow artists. Picture this…a cluster of tables in a lounge-like setting, with candles, and a stage…with lights beaming down, mics ready and waiting, and words being spoken that floor you, pull you, center you, intrigue you, move you, inspire you! Come solo, bring a date, bring friends, family, or loved ones. It will surely be a night to remember.



Andre Saunders


Slam Winner Sarah Killian

The Mt. Airy Art Garage is a hot spot for Northwest artists and writers with a beautiful wide, open space and gallery, always showing new work on its walls. There is always something to be seen there, always people to be intrigued by, and always interesting conversation to be heard. Once again, save the date for this night of open mic poetry! Saturday, August 2, 7 pm.  $10 at the door.

For more information you can contact us at poetryslam.maag@gmail.com.

MAAG Launches Series Of Member Meetings As 5th Anniversary Approaches

Thank You Members and Supporters of the Mt. Airy Art Garage! 

On Wed. June 25th we had a wonderful turnout of members and community supporters eager to listen to our progress report and hopes for the future. This meeting is the first of a series that we will be holding as we move into celebrating MAAGs fifth year!

member meeting 2 We are so very pleased that many of you had questions and creative suggestions for our future as a vibrant arts organization in the Germantown Corridor. Folks had great ideas with constructive comments for MAAGs future visibility and organization. Board members spoke to upcoming Art Partnerships with neighboring universities in 2015, to Fall and Winter projections, and to MAAGs expansion. We now have a sound system which opens more doors of opportunity as a music and performance venue.

Participants stepped up and volunteered for many vital positions with MAAG—everything from helping to organize our upcoming September Silent Auction, to writing, to the daily tasks of staffing the gallery, to fundraising, to ongoing property maintenance…the list goes on. Do we still need your help? You bet we do! We need experienced graphic designers and marketing communications professionals, accountants, and others with solid skills willing to work on one project or several.

Member meetingWhen we completed our buildout, the work had only just begun. We need you even more now!

member meeting 3A number of members and supporters expressed their wish to help but couldn’t attend. Well, it’s not too late! Please email us at info@mtairyartgarage.org. Committees are forming and more gatherings will be coming. So email us, let’s talk about how you can help, and stay tuned.

Thank you all for your interest, commitment, and devotion to what we are trying to build at the Mt. Airy Art Garage.

In love and art,

The Board of MAAG


Special thanks to MAAG member Michael Albany for his photography of the event.

Quiltapalooza’s Right Around The Corner

Next Quiltapalooza Friday, July 25, 6 pm 

Sometimes people ask me (Sarah Bond) “What is Quiltapalooza? Is it an event? Is it a feeling? Is it a way of life?
Quiltapalooza started four or five years ago at Fabrics on the Hill. The idea was to bring quilters together for a marathon session of sewing, quilting and community. We started at six and sometimes went past midnight! It was a liberating experience for everyone to have a block of time to indulge in our shared passion without interruption or need for justification. It doesn’t seem like a big thing to many people, but to us it was heaven.
quilt, Mt. Airy Art Garage

MAAG Quilt Club

After Fabrics on the Hill closed, I ran the Quiltapalooza out of my house. I opened up the dining room table to full capacity. I put up folding tables in the living room. I could cram twelve happy quilters into the first floor of my house. Still a blast. Still a creative bonanza.

Then, one day, I happened upon the Mt. Airy Art Garage. Shortly thereafter, Linda was looking for an artful activity to promote on a First Friday. I suggested the Quiltapalooza. There were giggles (ok, the name is a little silly), but it was generally a positive response. At the time, MAAG had just put in their bathrooms and was still acquiring equipment. When I asked about tables and chairs, Linda said there were a couple of tables and maybe eight chairs. (How far we’ve come!) She thought it was plenty. It was my turn to giggle. I sent out the email and brought in tables and chairs. I don’t remember how many were there, but we were in double digits and the MAAG era of Quiltapalooza had begun. That was more than two years ago and we’ve been rocking the Quiltapalooza ever since. Every other month on the third Friday, quilters from all over Northwest Philadelphia and beyond come together at the Mt. Airy Art Garage to stitch and sip and share and laugh and create.

Join us Friday, July 25, from 6-10 pm. Bring your sewing machines, your work, something to eat or drink. It’s time to create more quilts, meet other artists, and build more community. It’s a great way to spend an evening, doing what you love, with others who share a passion with what you do. $15 at the door. $10 MAAG members.


Big Changes Ahead For MAAG. We Need Your Input. We Need You Now.

Ceiling SplendorSpecial Member & Supporter Meeting—Wed., June 25, 6:30 pm

Can you believe it? The Mt. Airy Art Garage is turning five years old this fall. It’s been an amazing journey and so gratifying—from our earliest 2009 Art Markets on Carpenter Lane, to a pop-up storefront exhibition, clothesline fundraisers in Ned Wolf Park and the build out of our glorious barn of a space (remember this famous pic on the left by Alix Passage?). Now we house changing exhibitions and events, monthly groups of writers, quilters, and visual artists, ongoing drawing groups, Quiltapaloozas, Poetry Slams, workshops, dances, and our resident artist studios.

We thank each and every one of you for your support, helping hands, belief and confidence in our vision for the Mt. Airy Art Garage. This continued expansion would not be possible without all of you. 

We are now at a crossroads for MAAG. We have some major decisions ahead of us and want to hear your feedback, suggestions, and concerns. We also want to share our vision for the future and the groundwork we are laying to implement an ongoing arts hub within and by our community.

In the same way, we started off in 2009 by calling neighborhood meetings of artists and art lovers to get your input and commitment, we are inviting you now to a member gathering at the Mt. Airy Art Garage at 6:30 pm, on Wednesday, June 25 to plan the next five years. And we can’t do this without you!

Think about what we’ve accomplished so far, and what the future could hold. Please join us in bringing about the next phase.

Linda & Arleen


Call For Member Artists: Summer Salon Show July 18 – Aug. 31



This is your opportunity to have gallery wall space, floor to ceiling, a salon style exhibit of your work (2-D works only or works that hang on walls). You can fill your wall with as many pieces as possible. As we sell pieces off the wall, you have the opportunity to rotate in more work. The walls vary in size from 6 – 12 feet horizontally with heights up to 12 feet. The rent is $100 per wall space (payment accepted via PayPal below).

Applications are available HERE. Gallery requirements for submission HERE. Once we receive payment along with your full application, you may select your wall (first come, first served basis).

Please send jpg selections of your work (300 dpi), along with your application and bio, to images@gmail.com. These may be used for promotional material for the show. Deadline is June 22.

Delivery and hanging of the show    

Sat. June 28, Noon – 6 PM

Sun., June 29, Noon – 5 PM

***Gallery will be closed July 1-15, 2014***

Show Opens  Friday, July 18, 6 – 9 PM

Closing Reception  Friday, August 29, 6 – 9 PM

Takedown of show  Wed., September 3, Noon – 7 PM


$100.00 Add to cart


Comic Book Class? You Bet! All You Need Is Enthusiasm!


6 session class starting Wed., June 11 at 6:30 pm

We’ve been getting inquires about Ellen Marcus’s upcoming class, and we wanted to share some of Ellen’s thoughts. So read on and join us!

Question: I am not a painter/illustrator. I am creating characters and writing it up. I have a composite pic of my character but I was going to use a friend to do my drawing. Would this class work on storyboards? Is it worth it for a person who cannot draw?

Ellen responds: Comic books and graphic novels relate very much to storyboarding, and there’s absolutely no need to know how to draw for this class. The first class will cover story structure and the following 2 weeks will be spent focusing on bringing “stick figures” (or rough sketches) and your words together to form a story. The other 3 weeks will be spent on “fleshing out” your characters with some inking/character design exercises, but it’s up to you how much you want to do that. You are more than welcome to spend more time on story structure and character composition. I expect some participants will want to spend more time on one thing over another and I’ll be there to give as much guidance as I have to offer for the needs of everyone. The end goal will be to glue your organized “panels” on paper and bind them together in a physical book format.  We’ll be working primarily with physical materials (paper, rulers, pencils), though, I do plan on giving a brief demo with Manga Studio on my laptop. I’ll have a few things pre-printed and prepared for your use (like story board sheets/note cards/basic character design sheets), but you’re more than welcome to draft your own if you need to.

If you’ve been thinking about attending, we hope this whets your whistle a bit and you’ll join us.


$130.00 Add to cart




Come Feast Your Eyes On Our Summer Show Off!

Opening Reception Friday, June 6 at 6 pm

Exhibition runs June 6 through June 27

LayingTheGroundwork_muslinWEBREADYThe artists of the Mt. Airy Art Garage have been working hard in their studios through this grueling winter to show some of their best work. Feast your eyes on work by Kirsten Fischler, Carole Loeffler, Lee Muslin (image on the left), Kathy Robinson (image on the right),KathyRobinson WEB Yulan Mimmy San, Nicholas Thaete, and a host of other Northwest artists. This exhibition features an incredible breadth of mediums ranging from painting, photography, fiber, sculpture, woodworking, collage, jewelry, found objects, and more.


Totem I, reclaimed wood, acrylic, colored pencil, and oil on Brazil board, (c) Kirsten Fischler


“Dream,” sculpture, (c) Robert Silverman

So why not beat the heat with a trip to our air-conditioned gallery to view our “Summer Show-Off” group show. Join us at our opening reception Friday, June 6. The exhibition continues through June 27.

Copyright credit for the following images: (top left) “Laying the Groundwork,” acrylic on paper, (c) Lee Muslin, (top right) “River Angels” silkscreen from original photo (c) Kathy Robinson

June Poetry Slam Is Coming & April Lynn James Wants To Talk About It!

Poetry Slam Saturday, June 7, 2014 @ 7 pm

PoetrySlam-artworkI came to Philadelphia in search of Communi-Tea. My immediate family had become toxic, and after taking a friend up on an offer of sanctuary and sharing her studio apartment in NYC’s East Village for the first half of 2013, I needed to find a home somewhere. I had to begin again. After traveling the northeast (Boston, Maine) and across the pond (France, the Netherlands, Germany), I moved to Chestnut Hill. Here in northwest Philadelphia, amid trees and stone, I hoped to heal my heart and find other artists.


Cohosts: April Lynn James (R) and Mary Ann Domanska (L)

I had heard that Philly was a town supportive of the arts and artists.  At a street fair in Mt. Airy in September 2013, I learned of the Mt. Airy Art Garage, and met Arleen, one of its founders. I became a dues-paying member the following month, and met Linda, MAAG’s President. I loved Linda and Arleen’s vision of creating a space for all the arts—visual, literary and performative. I attended events sporadically over the fall and winter, and got involved in planning the second annual International Women’s Day event. In March 2014, I had the opportunity to co-host that event and to perform some of my (and my alter ego’s) poetry. It was during the IWD event that I met Mary Ann, who was leading MAAG’s Writer’s Group. I was exhorted to attend the Slam, so I did. The vibe was so friendly that inaugural night: people brought their picnic baskets, filled with wine, cheese and other edibles and sat themselves around the candlelit tables. One entrant brought her entire family who cheered her on. The audience and participants were a mixture of young and old, black and white, gay and straight, and all things in-between. We had 60 plus people at that first Slam, exceeding our expectations, and challenging our supply of chairs. 

DSC_9020WEBREADYThe biggest surprise for me that night was that I won the slam! I had come simply to support a fledgling event and to share my work, yet here I was walking away with the top prize!  How about that? A Sonneteer wins in Mt. Airy! This would never have happened in gritty, cut-throaty New York City! Now, I co-host the Poetry Slam. Our audience for the second slam was also a vibrant and vocal mix of folk from Germantown, Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill and other parts of the city. Yes, some folks even came up from Center City! What, you say? People traveling into the Northwest for poetry? Yes, Virginia—yet again, something that would never happen in NYC.

I want to see this Poetry Slam become THE place to be the first Saturday evening of every month. 

This month our featured poet will be Kasey Jueds, author of The Keeper. Her poems have appeared in publications including Beloit Poetry Journal, Prairie Schooner, Manhattan Review, Salamander, Crab Orchard Review, Women’s Review of Books, and 5AM. She’s been awarded residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Soapstone, and the Ucross Foundation. Keeper, my first book, won the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press. So, we expect an exciting evening!

DSC_9036WEBREADYThe slam starts at 7 pm and goes until 9pm. You can sign up at the door, or send an email to poetryslam.maag@gmail.com. Download the list of Slam Rules HERE. The poets are limited to five, count ‘em 5 entrants. At only $5, the MAAG Poetry Slam’s a deal that can’t be beat. And for those competition-shy amongst us, there is an Open Mic directly following the Slam at 9 pm. Come one, come all and spread the word!