Speaking Our Truth

Speaking Our Truth is the second of three exhibits MAAG will mount at The Philadelphia Theatre Company this season in conjunction with their production of Everything is Wonderful. The themes for this exhibit include overcoming tragedy, finding the strength to move on with our lives, the power of reconciliation, and surrendering to forgiveness. Themes for submitting artists to ask: How do we live with disillusionment and anger? Do we truly forgive? Can we resolve past pain, hurt, and issues of abandonment?

We invite you to take part in the Opening Reception February 21, at 7 PM. The show will be on display in the upstairs gallery space at The Suzanne Roberts Theatre from February 14 – March 8, 2020.

Everything is Wonderful by Chelsea Marcantel is the story of an Amish couple that exhibits an act of unfathomable forgiveness after their two sons are killed in a car accident. It speaks of the traditions of Amish life and the very defined roles of women and men within the family and the community. As the family struggles to cling to their way of life, they are forced to find a way forward inside their insular community, practicing mercy and forgiveness to heal the wounds of the past.

The Suzanne Roberts Theatre is located at 480 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19146.

Full roster of displaying artists:

  • Gwendolyn Bundy
  • Hope Glover
  • Gloria Klaiman
  • Cyndi Philkill
  • Ruth Seeley
  • Adam Shuman
  • Susan Smith
  • Jed Williams
  • Arleen Olshan
  • Larry West
  • Patricia Cousins Smith

A Sense of Burning

A Sense of Burning will be the first of three exhibits MAAG will mount at The Philadelphia Theatre Company this year, in conjunction with their production of A Small Fire. Witness what over 20 artists created when they were asked: What burns in you or haunts you? Is it passion, pain, anger, joy, determination, loss? Is it a tingle or a searing, undeniable quest to continue to live fully while overcoming limitations? Our senses rule much of our lives and drive us to make decisions. How we respond to our senses guides our reactions. How we express our longings and our need to be understood in the world.

We invite you to take part in the Opening Reception October 25, 2019, at 7 PM. The show will be on display in the upstairs gallery space at The Suzanne Roberts Theatre from October 18 – November 10, 2019.

Adam Bock’s meticulously crafted A Small Fire follows Emily Bridges, a woman used to running all the things – from her construction business to her family – until she suddenly and mysteriously starts losing her physical senses. As her world changes, her relationships shift in poignant and revelatory ways.

The Suzanne Roberts Theatre is located at 480 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19146.

Full roster of displaying artists:

Sherman Aronson
Marie Bender
Margaret Blair-Kraybill
Karen Bruhin
Frank Burd
Francesca Cantarini
W. Devaul Emmett
Laura Eyring
Sue Davis
Dora Ficher
Hope Glover
Ruth Joray
Gloria Klaiman
David Kuschner
Rosemary McBride
Kathy Robinson
Gloria Rohlfs
Ruth A Seeley
Adam Shuman
Elizabeth Silbaugh
Roosevelt Woods

Makers & Lovers – Opening Reception

Makers and Lovers is the final of three exhibits MAAG will mount at The Philadelphia Theatre Company. The conclusion of the season will feature the world premiere of How to Catch Creation, an inspirational story running March 22 – April 14, 2019. In honor of Women’s History Month, the exhibition, in various mediums, include themes of race, feminism, diversity, sexuality and of being black, queer and female in America.
In the mid-1960s, a black, queer, feminist writer’s life is changed when her girlfriend tells her some unexpected news. Fifty years later, the reverberations of that moment still echo in the lives of four individuals in the rapidly changing city of San Francisco. Christina Anderson’s stunning and complex examination of the universal act of creation—creation of life, of family, of art—spans space and time to inspire a new generation of makers and lovers. So it only makes sense that our final MAAG exhibition for the season is Makers and Lovers.
Contemporary artists interpret the themes of the show in a juried exhibit, Makers and Lovers.
How to Catch Creation show tickets available at the box office, and are not included in the exhibit.

The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken is the second of three exhibits MAAG will mount at The Philadelphia Theatre Company. The Road Not Taken will accompany the production of The Bridges of Madison County, which will run from February 8 – March 3, 2019. In this soaring romance, Francesca Johnson, a beautiful Italian woman who married an American soldier to flee war-ravaged Italy, looks forward to a rare four days alone on her Iowa farm in 1965. However, her quiet escape is upended when ruggedly handsome National Geographic photographer Robert Kincaid pulls into her driveway seeking directions. What happens next in those four days may very well alter the course of Francesca’s life.

The shows opening reception is February 8th, 2019 at 6:30 PM.

The show closing party is March 3rd, 2019.

COP Mural Is Complete! Now Let’s Celebrate Our Young Artists At Lovett Library

Lovett Library, Saturday, June 9, Noon till 2 pm, 6945 Germantown Ave., Phila., PA 19119

The Community of Pride (COP) Mural and Literacy Project continues to unfold at Eleanor C. Emlen public school. Children’s minds open up to interests and skills they did not know they had—opening doors to their hearts, souls, and precious creativity. Now it’s time to celebrate this year’s young Emlen artists.

We invite you to join us at their first ever reception and exhibition at Lovett Library, Saturday, June 9th at Noon. This project is about enriching children’s lives, offering inclusive opportunities and sharing the positive rewards of making and studying art together. We sincerely hope you can join us a we honor these amazing kids. All artwork will be for sale with proceeds going to the young artists. Plus tasty treats are being provided by High Point Cafe, Frosted Fox, and Night Kitchen. Admission is free.










MAAG & Philadelphia Theatre Company Partner For “Having Our Say”

“Having Our Say” — Art That Speaks to Empowerment

Opening Reception, Saturday, Feb. 4, 4-8 pm, Suzanne Roberts Theatre, 480 South Broad St.

The Mt. Airy Art Garage (MAAG) opens 2017 with a special popup exhibition in partnership with Philadelphia Theatre Company’s production of Having Our Say. The exhibition will run January 27th to February 19th, with a Community Open House/Exhibition Opening on Saturday, February 4th from 4 pm to 8 pm, located at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre (480 South Broad St.)

Resilience by Tim Gibbon

Having Our Say tells the inspiring story of the Delany sisters, African-American women who were both civil rights activists and pioneers in the fight for equality in this country. Their sharp memories show us the post-Reconstruction South and Booker T. Washington; Harlem’s Golden Age and Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Paul Robeson. Bessie breaks barriers to become a dentist; Sadie quietly integrates the New York City system as a high school teacher. Their extraordinary story makes an important contribution to our nation’s heritage—and an indelible impression on our lives. Based on the award winning book, the Delany sisters’ extraordinary stories of racial injustice and personal strife, and eventual success, is as poignant today as ever.

Women’s Liberation, Jen Hemenway

Photo by Melvin Chappell

Comfort by Carol Wisker

This Mt. Airy Art Garage special exhibition seeks to further highlight empowerment through the collective experience of overcoming obstacles and barriers. Featuring works by local artists including Frank Burd, Melvin Chappell, Lucretia Coleman, Rob Cox, Tim Gibbon, Jennifer Hemenway, Ruth Joray, Daisy Langston Juarez, Arleen Olshan, Kathy Robinson, Gloria Rohlfs, Ellie Seif, Patricia Cousins Smith, and Carol Wisker, this exhibition provides a fine art platform focusing on themes of pride and empowerment even in tough times.

Through community partnerships and exhibitions such as the Having Our Say, the Mt. Airy Art Garage continues its mission to provide a communal space for creativity, collaboration, and self-actualization, while utilizing creative expression as an instrument for social change. Now more than ever, MAAG invites the community to have its say, visit the exhibition, and see this tremendous production.

Citizens by Daisy Langston Juarez

For more information visit our handcraft gift shop at 6622 Germantown Ave. or mtairyartgarage.org or call 215.242.5074. #MAAGPopsUp.

Photo by Ellie Self







WE Are MAAG! A Celebration Of MAAG Member Artists & A New Era!

Opening Reception, Friday, July 1, 6 – 9 pm.

Exhibition runs July 1 – August 21. Free admission.





Gaga Fish by Ellen Marcus


(c) Kathy Robinson

We’ve turned lemons into lemonade! An owner’s notice to vacate from a property we built with community support, has turned what could have been our final dirge into a celebration of our future.

It’s our last exhibition in this current location, and the artwork is pouring into the gallery — photography, painting, drawing, watercolor, fiber & textile, sculpture, you name it! It’s our way of toasting all of the wonderful artists who have made MAAG what it is today and what it will become tomorrow. Our intention is to fill all of MAAG, (yes all of it!) with glorious artwork as we prepare ourselves for popups and our new retail space at 6622 Germantown Ave.

The list of participating artists keeps growing — sculpture, pottery, fiber, painting, watercolors, photography, collage, and more. Artists include:

Sara Allen, Sherman Aronson, Kevin Bennett, Denise Benrahou, Ellen Benson, Nathalie Borozny, Bill Brookover, Frank Burd, Nick Corso, Rob Cox, Kenneth Crimaldi, Taddy Dawson, Evvy Edinburg, Robert Finch, Carlos Gil, Lisa Haun, Shari Johnson, Daisy Langston Juarez, Judith Levy, Sol Levy, Donald Leong, Ellen Marcus, Katherine Moore, Phoebe Murer, Lee Muslin, Arleen Olshan, Emma Olshan, Kathy Robinson, Gloria Rohlfs, Edward Sargent, Ruth Seeley, Ellie Seif, Patricia Cousins Smith, Vita Tew, Nicki Toizer, Andrew Walker, Karoline Wallace, Lawrence West, Janine Zaikowski, Michael Zaikowski, and others.

Sherman Aronson BridgeTowerInk

Bridge Tower, ink, by Sherman Aronson

Evvy Edinburg

Textiles by Evvy Edinburg

Join us, celebrate with us. Immerse yourself in the most glorious art. This is a show you won’t want to miss. 



Awaiting by Carlos Gil


(c) Ellie Seif

Hawkshead Show Ruth Seeley

Hawks head Show, watercolor by Ruth Seeley

e.olshan canyon oil

Canyon, oil, by Emma Olshan


Photography by Kevin Bennett

Vita Tew

Abstraction by Vita Tew



“Community Portrait” — A Photo Journey Through Our Community

Opening Reception: Friday, May 20, 6 – 9 pm, Free Admission

Exhibition Runs May 11 through June 12, 2016

The Mt. Airy Art Garage is celebrating the wonders and diversity of our Northwest Philadelphia neighborhoods from Chestnut Hill, to Mt. Airy, to Germantown, to Manayunk. Locations are sure to look familiar, as will families and children. Some images will entice you to explore the Wissahickon. Some will make you think. But no matter what, we’re confident you’ll appreciate, even more, why you chose to live here.


Charles Edwards

Harper's Meadow Sunset Roz Dutton

Roz Dutton

Both professional and emerging artists (many members of the MAAG Photo Club) will be sharing their photography. Participating artists include Frank Burd, Rob Cox, Kenneth Crimaldi, Rosalind Dutton, Charles Edwards, Elisa Goldman, Solomon Levy, Judith Levy, Jackie McAllister, Arleen Olshan, Ellie Seif, George Silvaney, Nicki Toizer, Andrew Walker, Sheppard Williams, and Mike Zaikowski.

The Little Cabin in the Woods - Mike Zaikowski

Mike Zaikowski

Join us at our Opening Reception — it’s free and open to the entire family.

When will we ever learnEllieSeif web

Ellie Seif


George Silvaney

Launch Of Women’s History Month With “No Longer Anonymous” — A Fiber Exhibition By Women Artists

Opening Reception Friday, March 4 @ 6 pm. Exhibition Continues Until Sunday, May 1.


m Elias2

In observance of Women’s History Month, the Mt. Airy Art Garage will present “No Longer Anonymous” — a series of exhibitions, panel discussions, writing circles, and a live concert in partnership with the Philadelphia FolkSong Society. The title of our month-long celebration comes from Virgina Woolf’s famous quote — “Throughout history, anonymous was a woman.” We’re here to shout we are “No Longer Anonymous!”

This exhibition, which launches a series of March events, will highlight the work of leading fiber artists including Sara Allen, Natalie Alleyne, Michelle Brown, Magdalena Elias (her work is on the right), Cynthia D. Friedman, Toni Nash, Kathy Robinson, Karoline Wallace, and Carol Wisker. It will run March 4 – May 1 with an opening reception on Friday, March 4th at 6 pm. Admission is free, and everyone is welcome.


Quilt by Cynthia D. Friedman

Domestic view web Whisker

“Domestic” by Carol Wisker

One thing for sure — this show will highlight some of the best work of women artists city wide. 










More events for International Women’s Day! Just click on each photo below!




Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art — Open Call For Artists

Exhibition Dates: January 22 — February 28, 2016

Opening reception Friday, Jan. 22, 2016

Deadline January 11, 2016. 

How do you define celebration in your work? Do you celebrate the earth? Appreciate the human experience? Express the joy of creating? Humor? Inspiration? Excitement? Let’s celebrate 2016 and the new era of the Mt. Airy Art Garage. We have been building community here since 2009 and are excited to announce our continuation into the future.

Applications and jpegs to be submitted by 1/11/16

Jurying and acceptance by 1/11
Notification of accepted pieces 1/15 by email
Delivery of accepted work 1/20 to 1/21, 12 to 6 PM
Opening Reception 1/22, 6 to 9 PM


No more applications are being accepted.
Lee Muslin