REpair: Self-Curated Diptychs

An exhibition of recent mixed media works by local artist Richard Cutrona. REpair is a collection of images that have been retroactively linked by the artist to elucidate relational connections within his own creative practice. The word repair has been syllabically isolated to reference the reconnecting of artworks created individually, while also placing the act of constructing visuals into a therapeutic context. Heavily influenced by Islamic Design, Abstract Expressionism, Calligraphy, and The Bauhaus, these pieces question the boundaries of human tribalism. Various type-forms are dissected, reflected, and inverted to create asemic writing that conveys meaning through cultural reference. The works selected are an amalgam of ink, paint, and collage, emanating from a source point that uses material tension to create conceptual cohesion.

Exhibition/Artist Talk: 5/14/22