On Your Mark! Get Set! It’s Time to Begin Phase 2


If you attended the Ball, you’re now part of the dream. You’ve seen it. You’re believers. We know you can feel it too. This is our artists’ vision becoming a reality. Mt. Airy Art Garage is your community center for the visual and performing arts.

So, now we are rolling up our sleeves for Phase 2. That means:

  1. Bathrooms and slop sinks. Need we say more? We’ve got gorgeous donated tiles, now we need fixtures, walls, and more.
  2. Storefront renovation. We’ve received a matching grant to complete this work in 5 months. We’re developing a rail system that will display ongoing art installations on the exterior of MAAG. Art, inside and out.
  3. And, of course, our artist’s studios, workshop/classroom spaces, and resource room.

We need your support and your spirit to move forward. We’ll embrace you with the thanks of thousands of artists and community members in the Northwest.

We say, again, to all the believers “Thank you.” You share our vision, you dream with us. For those of you who have recently joined us, we welcome you with open arms and dreams of collaborations. And to the rest of you we say…”Come on in. Join us. The artists and art lovers are making magic.”


Option 1 – Preferred! 100% of your donation goes to MAAG. Print this form, and mail your check today!

Option 2 – Donate online. Your contribution is important to us, and PayPal can be convenient and easier. But when you pay by credit card, we may actually receive 2-3% less. So, please use this option only if you are not able to send us a check. Thanks!

Help us open our doors with your generous tax-deductible contribution!


Donate generously, donate now.



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