Horror Business

Running from October 15 – November 14, “Horror Business” is an art show relishing macabre and horror-themed artwork with over a dozen artists showing their viewpoints of some of the darker sides of life. The art of display range from images of pure terror and madness to a more lighthearted take on various subject of horror and folklore that we all know and fear.

"All Hollows" by Lindsay Keating

All Hallows” by Lindsay Keating

"Priestess of Amon" by Larry West

“Priestess of Amon” by Larry West

"Eris" by Melissa Cole“Eris” by Melissa Cole

Artists in the show:

  • Rose Aiken
  • Charles Brenna
  • Melissa Cole
  • Esther Coonfield
  • Shannon Cronin
  • Dave Dick
  • Ted Harris
  • Lindsay Keating
  • Paddy Magdon
  • Phoebe Murer
  • Pat Smith
  • Larry West
  • Lori Zett