MAAG in These Trying Times

Dear Members and Friends of MAAG,

We at Mt Airy Art Garage are reaching out to our members and friends to let you know how much you mean and have meant to us over the years. During this time of COVID-19 we are all experiencing a new reality that puts us all in unprecedented times.  

With jobs being lost and schools closed, our community is suffering in many ways. Our Community of Pride Mural & Literacy Project (COP) program at Emlen school is being reworked in hopes that the Board of Education can create online teaching for its students. We plan on continuing to pay our teachers as we seek to re-work our program in hopes of continuing to offer arts education to our children.

As a hub to the arts and culture community, MAAG is working on providing online arts outlets to keep the Arts world alive and well in NW Philadelphia. In order to do this we must ask our members and friends to consider keeping your membership current and friends donating where they can by using our PayPal account (via website) or mailing in contributions where possible.

We hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy and look forward to seeing everyone on the other side of this pandemic reality. Please stay in touch through our website, email, and Facebook platforms and know that we are all in this together.

Wishing everyone safety and good health,

Board of Directors

Arleen Olshan, President
Patricia Smith, Vice President
Mary Ann Domanska, Secretary
Elayne Bender
Sarah Claxton
Rick Hock
Nicki Toizer
Larry West

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  1. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Good morning Arleen,

    I am free Tuesday morning to volunteer 2 hours 9/8/2020

    I am just checking my emails

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