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Mt. Airy Art Garage is operated by an all-volunteer staff. As we go into #MAAGPopsUp mode and open our handcraft gift shop at 6622 Germantown Ave. we project an exciting time ahead filled with exhibitions, events and programs, and community partnerships. We need your help! Come be a part of the experience. Volunteers add spice and creative energy to any activity. Plus, it’s just another way artists get to know each other, be supportive, and build community.

We need people of all skills: administrative, technical, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, painting, gallery hosting, general assistance, facility maintenance, special event planning and promotion…you name it. Whatever your specialty and interest, we welcome your volunteer time. You can sign up for weekly or bi-weekly shifts or come in on a project-by-project basis.

To volunteer, send an email to info@mtairyartgarage.org. In the message, specify what volunteer activities you are interested in and provide your name, email and phone.


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