A Penscape by Andrew WalkerMy work has always been about the landscape in one form or another.

In my early years my work addressed personal landscapes because I struggled with a life-threatening illness. The landscapes were personal paintings with colorful symbols of illness. When I moved into the city, my landscapes changed into colorful images of urban life with newspaper articles about the ups and downs of city life embedded amongst the imagery.

After a few years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, my cityscapes became more realistic. I studied the Schuylkill River and painted most of the length of it in the Philadelphia area. The Schuylkill River and how it represents the history of the growth of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia have always impressed me. It will always inspire my work.

After achieving an MFA at the University of the Arts, my landscapes became three-dimensional public installations. I started photographing and creating landscapes out of abandoned buildings in Philadelphia. These digital images have been used on various structures that I have created. I have partnered with several artists and created an entire house out of recycled materials and have helped revitalize a neighborhood mall in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. 

The one constant in my work is a love of the landscape and the environment whether urban, rural or suburban.

This framed 4” x 6” penscape on canvas is by Andrew R. Walker, awalker3586@comcast.net, www.andrewrwalkerartist.com