Orchid by Daisy Langston Juarez

“Orchid,” acrylic on particle board


I continually return to nature, plants specifically, for inspiration. Plants will pose so proudly and sit so still for their portrait. They shine with a beauty that is secure in its purpose; while we, in our own way reflect this same beauty, will often feel insecure. When I hide my true self behind a safe façade; I ponder, “Wouldn’t it be nice to participate in the flamboyant festivity of our floral neighbors?” My painting, Orchid, is a statement inspired by such reflection. Utilizing a plate holder to present the painting allows me to paint both sides of the board; provide two interpretations. One side shyly whispers my thoughts, while the other side is dressed for Mardi Gras.

I am a Midwest transplant who enjoys exploring Philadelphia’s rich history, dynamic art scene and diverse neighborhoods. Before pursuing a career as a painter, I spent 30-plus years as a graphic artist and earned an MA from the University of Illinois in Springfield. I paint in watercolor and acrylic and lately on wood. I especially like particle board for its texture. With each painting I seek to create that perfect union of color, shape, texture and pattern, developing into a composition that tells a story.

Orchid is a 2-sided painting, acrylic on particle board, resting on a plate hanger (found object).

Daisy Langston Juarez, daisyjuarez.art@gmail.com