by Kay Wood

“Brought to Light,” triptych

I’ve been doing artwork with environmental themes throughout my long artistic career. Since 1975 my work has been in dozens of shows in galleries and museums in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and abroad.

Brought to the Light is from my Paraleipsis series, which delved into the impact and interrelationships between humans and the environment. Formalistically, the main exploration is the aesthetic and thematic balance created by combining different elements to play off one another.

Recently, I have been fully engaged in a whole new artistic expression. My graphic novel, The Big Belch, was a successful 2013 Kickstarter project, and it was chosen by the Kickstarter staff as one of the picks in the Comics and Philly categories. The novel was inspired by my reaction of horror to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. To learn more about The Big Belch, visit the links below or email me.

Brought to Light is a mixed media and acrylic triptych on wood.

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