Call for Clubs and Classes

Call for Clubs and Classes

Do you have a talent or skill you want to share with your community? Are you looking for people who share your passions about an art form or hobby?

Clubs allow you to connect with like-minded artists on a topic you care about, in a free exchange of ideas. By forming a club at MAAG, you’re able to support each other as you develop your craft through discussion and critique from your peers.

Classes are a great way to share the skills and knowledge you’ve honed over your years as an artist. Teaching people allows you to make a lasting impact on people’s lives and help them grow as artists. And becoming a part-time teacher at MAAG also allows you to be paid for your passion and work.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, clubs and classes are currently meeting virtually via Zoom. MAAG will also provide some basic training on using the platform if you’re not already familiar with the program.

Come check out our new space at 7054 Germantown Avenue. Take a tour and let’s discuss the possibilities. Call MAAG at 267-323-2312.

Check out the full Clubs and Classes Policy and contact us with your great idea!

If you would like to send a printed application to MAAG, you can download the form here and send it to 7054 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119. You must be a MAAG member to lead a club or teach a class.