One More Pass, an art book by Donna Globus

“One More Pass,” art book, packaged with a reference book

As a book artist and printmaker, I approach my work from the dual standpoints of physical structure and emotional narrative. My exploration of the physical construction methods of book structures informs the content of my work; and the narrative, in turn, informs the structure. In the end, form and content are integrally joined; the structure becomes a necessary participant in the telling of a story.

One More Pass is an offset printed artists’ book telling the story of a chance occurrence in a place planned to the smallest detail. The setting is Levittown, PA, in 1959: the houses are brand new, the streets endlessly curving, and the manicured lawns are all trimmed to the same height. Amid factual descriptions of the neighborhood, street names, and house styles, the story unfolds of a man and woman who are invited by a mutual friend to meet each other.

The two stories are placed side by side in a structure that can either be read as a codex or extended as a concertina to view the corresponding images in their entirety. The woven structure allows the image of the planned community to deconstruct, even as the image of the couple builds.

Printed in an edition of 100, One More Pass was selected to appear in the recently published 500 Handmade Books, Volume 2, by Lark Books (see page 180). Your bid includes both items.

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