watercolor by Geri Greinke-Mack

“Rose of Sharon,” watercolor

I received my BFA in Fine Arts and Graphic Arts from the University of Arts, Philadelphia. I am a passionate artist known for her prints, illustrations, and paintings. I enjoy mixing and discovering colors, painting clear and varied shapes from nature, and using the brush delicately in order to heighten the beauty and subtlety of natural forms. I am intrigued by the wonders and discoveries that are seen in nature, such as flowers, animals and the human figure.

I love walking around my garden looking for flowers to paint. From the moment that I cut a flower with its leaves until I complete the watercolor painting, I am transfixed by its majesty and characteristics. Every positive and negative space is carefully determined when positioning the flowers and leaves. I love the many possibilities on how I can express what I see and feel. What flower shall I paint next to add to my collection of pictures? Or is it time to create a painting of one of my cats against a background of a dream landscape?

One of the highlights this year was to have my work recognized and be part of the collection in the exhibit, The Female Gaze: Women Artists Making Their World, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Rose of Sharon is a framed watercolor on Arches paper.

Geri Greinke-Mack, 215-887-0614, gerimackartist@aol.com
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