butter dish & spreader by Kathran SiegelThis utensil and accompanying plate is one in a group of spreaders, letter openers, spoons and forks that collectively are called “Jazzware.” The shapes and colors of these implements are inspired by the colors and shapes found in the paintings and cutouts of Henri Matisse. Jazzware is a reference to Matisse’s book of cutouts titled, “Jazz,” which never stops inspiring me. In fact, I designed a furniture series that I call Matisse Modern,” as well as a number of Jazzware inspired canes.

This set is made out of maple. The spreader handle was first carved and later painted with acrylic paint, and has a polyurethane finish. The entire set can be hand washed with soap and then wiped dry. Do not allow it to sit in water. The wood can be oiled, if desired, with mineral oil, which is non-toxic. Shine it up by rubbing off all excess oil and then continue to rub it for awhile with a paper towel.

Butter Dish and Spreader is by Kathran Siegel.