5th Anniversary Celebration Quilt by MAAG Quilt Club“I have been making quilts for over thirty years. I get my inspiration from many places, but much of my work is driven by reverence for the women and men who made beautiful quilts for generations before me. I come from a family of quilters. Many of my quilts are inspired by traditional designs, but interpreted in ways that break a bit from that tradition. I’m happiest when working immersed in color and pattern and texture. One of the things that I love about quilts is that they become a part of the life of each new owner and, as such, become a repository of stories about the lives lived around them. I’m excited about the new chapter in the life of this quilt with the winning bidder at the MAAG Anniversary Auction!”  — Sarah Bond, quilt artist

This one-of-a-kind strip quilt was created for our 5th Anniversary Celebration auction by Sarah Bond and the Mt. Airy Art Garage Quilt Club, info@mtairyartgarage.org.