Principal Tammy Thomas of Emlen Elementary School

Well-Deserved Accolades for a Treasured MAAG Partner!

Congratulations to Principal Tammy Thomas of Emlen Elementary School, on being named one of the Lindback Foundation’s 2022 Distinguished Principals!

MAAG has been working with Principal Thomas since shortly after she arrived at Emlen in 2013. Her devotion to her students, staff, and families, her belief that schools should truly be part of the community, and her combination of intelligence, common sense, positivity and flexibility were evident from the moment we met her.

Our flourishing Community of Pride Mural & Literacy program, based at Emlen, would not have been possible without her enthusiastic support. “Working with MAAG has been such a rewarding experience, not only for the students, but also for our parents and teachers ….. The idea of merging the arts with literacy instruction is an idea that I believe has brought more creativity to the table within our school”, she notes. “Partnering with MAAG and working with all the talented artists has fostered the growth of our children in a variety of ways.” Principal Thomas understands that intellectual, social and emotional growth are enhanced by the arts. “Students enjoy the freedom to express themselves in an artistic manner and take pride in their participation as student artists.”

Principal Thomas has always made MAAG artists and volunteers feel welcome and comfortable at the school. We are delighted that she has received this honor from the School District, which has added another layer of pride to our community! We know this creative partnership will continue to grow, and to benefit both Emlen and MAAG. Kudos, Ms. Thomas … you inspire us all!

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  1. Tammy Thomas
    Tammy Thomas says:

    Thank you for your kind words and shout out! More importantly than that… thank you MAAG for all that you have done to support the students at Emlen School! Because of your partnership with my fantastic art teacher Denise Veronick, we are excited to say that you have helped developed some awesome “ student artists”!

  2. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols says:

    I knew Tammy for a very long time,and she always had the drive to want to help the community and young children all her life.
    Keep during what you do best helping other people.

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